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  • How long will it take to recieve my order.
    Orders are processed within 24-72 hours. After your order is processed shipping takes 3-7 days, not including Sundays and Holidays. Due to covid-19 certain areas are taking longer than usual. If this issue occurs please track your order or contact the courier. Please review our shipping and return policy for additional shipping information.
  • What is the return policy
    Superior hair and Lashes return policy is located on the shipping and returns page. There are no refunds or exchanges. If you scroll to the bottom of the website and click on shipping and returns you can read the entire policy.
  • How do I care for my hair extensions
    Protect Your Investment Superior Hair and Lashes recommends using a professional cosmetologist for hair installation and coloring. Wash Day - Use a high quality, preferably organic shampoo and mositurizing conditioner to wash hair extentions. Always comb hair with a wide tooth comb starting from the bottom to the top. Please gently pat dry with a towel and allow hair extensions to air dry. *Do not cut the weft or sew through the weft this will cause shedding* We also recommend using our satin bonnets to protect hair extensions while you sleep.
  • How do I apply my mink lashes
    Using your Superior tweezers, carefully remove lashes from the kit (do not use your hands) 3D and 5D Lash application. Align with your natural lash line Shake superior magic liner well before use. Apply a even thin line of superior magic liquid liner. Apply your superior lashes directly on top of the eyeliner. Gently give a little bit of pressure so that your eyelashes would get a stronger hold. Use tweezers to ensure real lashes and mink lashes are combined. Magnetic Lash application Align with natural lash line Apply and even line of the Superior magnetic liner to lash line. Allow liner two to three minutes to dry. If needed keep eyes closed to allow liner to dry. Once your magnetic eyeliner is dry, you're ready to snap on your magnetic lashes and go!! Use tweezers to ensure your real lashes and mink lashes are combined.
  • How to care for my mink lashes
    It is recommended that you removed mink lashes before bedtime. Using the makeup remover of your choice, remove lashes. After removal use Superior Hair and Lash tweezers to place lashes back into the lash kit. 2-3 times per week use Superior Hair and Lash shampoo to clean mink lashes to keep them looking superior. Please follow instructions on the bottle. Our real mink lashes can be used up to 25 times with proper care and maintenance.
  • Why should I use the Superior Bonnets
    The superior bonnets are all satin. Satin is known for protecting your hair from split ends and dryness. Our bonnets also helps reduce frizz and tangles. When purchasing your superior bonnet you will definitely be taking an added step to protect your investment as well as your natural hair.
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